Tayport Top Park Group Fund Raising Night

The Tayport Parish Church is supporting a fund raising night showing the 7th episode of an epic space battle.

Children under the age of fourteen should be accompanied by an adult or responsible person who must be sixteen plus.

Proof of age will be asked for.

Young Scot Card acceptable.

Suggested £2 donation to Tayport Top Park


Dress as your favourite character from the film to be entered in a prize draw.

Dolphin Youth & Community Centre, Tayport

Dolphin Youth & Community Centre, Tayport


Please note that the Centre has reopened (photos to follow) and the groups all start back this week, except the Buzz Club which will be closed until after the Summer because of staffing difficulties. A letter has been issued the the parents of the Buzz Club attendees to that effect .

Also, you may notice that the mosaics have been removed. They are in storage at the moment awaiting repair.

Vertical Veg

Things to sow this month (in the Northern Hemisphere) include peas, salads, chard, beetroot, carrots and lots more. It’s also a good time to start a wormery. For more tips on what to do this month, check out my post below:

As temperatures warm and days get longer, seeds become easier to sprout and seedlings will grow in front of your eyes on sunnier days. There is loads of st